Last winter, my 12 year old daughter complained about a severe neck and back pain. We also noticed that her right scapula is slightly lower than her left and her right back had a slight hump. Our family doctor recommended my daughter to see Dr. Yoon because he is well known for pediatric chiropractic care. When we visited Dr. Yoon, we found out that our daughter had scoliosis. Dr. Yoon looked at her overall health, examined her spine as well as other factors of her lifestyle. After a few visits to Yoon Family Chiropractic, my daughter’s lifestyle started to change. She started to correct her bad postures and tried to implement exercises that were personally instructed by Dr. Yoon. My daughter is now free from the pain caused by scoliosis. When we took the x-ray recently, we found out that the curvature had diminished dramatically. My daughter is living a healthier and balanced lifestyle. Many thanks to Dr. Yoon at Yoon Family Chiropractic!

June N.