1. Many thanks to Dr. Yoon at Yoon Family Chiropractic!

    Last winter, my 12 year old daughter complained about a severe neck and back pain. We also noticed that her right scapula is slightly lower than her left and her right back had a slight hump. Our family doctor recommended my daughter to see Dr. Yoon because he is well known for pediatric chiropractic care. When we visited Dr. Yoon, we found out that our daughter had scoliosis. Dr. Yoon looked at h…Read More

    June N.
  2. I recommend Dr. Yoon to anybody who asks.

    I did not think I needed chiropractic until one day I woke-up with a stiff neck. I thought that maybe it would go away by itself. After about a week it was no longer just a stiff neck. I had sharp pain down my shoulder and numbness down my right arm. I decided to see Dr. Yoon at Yoon Family Chiropractic. Now I am free from the pain and I am very happy with the quality of care by the entire staff. …Read More

    Sandro M.
  3. Dr. Yoon listens to your concerns

    I first came to Dr. Yoon because of my job with heavy computer usage I suffer a lot of back and neck problems. I had tried many weeks or so of taking over the counter pain medicines, but nothing seemed to work. Finally, when a friend of mine introduced Dr. Yoon, he gradually relieved the pressure off my back until I was no longer relying on pain reducers. Dr. Yoon listens to your concerns and will…Read More

    Chris Y.
  4. I am a satisfied patient of Dr. Yoon for many years.

    I am a satisfied patient of Dr. Yoon for many years. I was referred by my sister who had been very pleased with the results of treatments she had received. I have visited many chiropractors in the past; however, Dr. Yoon surpassed my expectation. I will never go back to my previous doctors again! I was impressed with Dr. Yoon's attention both to my acute symptoms and to the deeper lifestyle issues…Read More

    Joseph K.