If you are suffering from pain due to a motor vehicle accident, chiropractic care is the most efficient way to treat the injury without resorting to pain medications or surgery. 

Chiropractic Care

The reason you are often in great pain after a car accident is because the force of the trauma causes the musculoskeletal system to become misaligned, which can cause agonizing pain that may linger for a long period of time. Injuries due to motor vehicle accidents often cause sprains, extensive joint or muscle strain, inflammation, as well as spinal and joint dysfunction. Depending on the kind of impact that you suffered in the collision, Yoon Family Chiropractic will provide the care you need to start living pain-free once more. Each of our programs is tailored specifically to the patient, so you can always be sure you are receiving the best possible care that will treat your core problems rather than just masking symptoms.

Massage Therapy

After your accident, you may experience tightness or pain in the muscles that is causing mobility issues. We will perform an examination that will target any misaligned joints and relax the muscles in the surrounding areas with a massage to help loosen the muscles and make adjusting your body easier. Massage therapy is designed to help relax you and target core issues to help you live with less pain.

Type IV High-Intensity Laser

This is one of the most advanced types of pain management that is currently available. When you simply are experiencing too much ongoing pain related to a car accident, this type of chiropractic care may be the right addition to your existing routine. When your doctor is coming up with your care plan during the initial consultation, this could be one of the best options for you. This type of treatment is a wonderful way to help remove pain from the body without dangerous surgical procedures or the use of pain-decreasing medications.

If you or somebody you know has recently been in a car accident and is suffering from prolonged pain, get in touch with our family clinic today. We have extensive experience treating individuals of any age, and we do not want anyone in our Orange County community to suffer from ongoing pain that can easily be avoided. Stop by our cozy hometown office today to finally take care of removing the pain from your body. We offer a variety of flexible payment plans to accommodate any budget!

With chiropractic care, you can get back to your normal life and stop living each day with musculoskeletal pain. Call our office today to receive a consultation and begin working your way back to normal living. Through the healing that chiropractic care, massage therapy, and type IV laser therapy offer, you can finally enjoy bodily peace again. We look forward to working with you. If you have any questions or concerns about the types of treatments that will be right for your situation, our staff is always willing and ready to assist you.