Yoga originated in Northern India over 5000 years ago. It was believed that yoga improved spiritual development and was practiced to help the body become aware of their spiritual nature. Now, due to yoga’s mental and physical health benefit, it is growing popularity worldwide.

One of yoga’s most common benefit is improved balance, posture, and flexibility.
Yoga’s slow yet intense moves increase blood flow and warms up your muscles to help your body get stronger and more flexible. Poses like sitting and standing is deeply related to core strength and stronger core muscles improves your posture.

Another benefit is back pain relief. Yoga stretches eases pain and improves movement for people with lower back pain.

Not only does Yoga prove to help physical health, but it is also proven to improve mental health.
Bedtime yoga routines help create a consistent, good quality bedtime providing better sleep. This increases mental energy and gives a boost in your daily mood. Yoga can also support stress management, group healing and better self-care.

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