With everything that happened with Covid-19, it isn’t uncommon for us to want to disinfect our house every single day. However, is it good to disinfect our house frequently? If not, just how much disinfecting is the right amount?

Certain areas of the house will be more frequented than others. For example, you might only enter your room, but the living room will be accommodated to not just you but for guests or other people if they come by! Places where people come by more often and more susceptible to germs and should be disinfected more.

Here are how often you should clean certain areas of your home!

Bed Sheets – Bed sheets should be replaced once a week or once every two weeks

Sinks – Sinks should be disinfected on a daily basis! Bacteria from fecal matter can get into kitchen sinks, and bacteria like E. coli can accumulate on kitchen sinks. It’s safest to make sure sinks are cleaned every day.

Vacuuming / Washing floors – Floors should be washed and swept (or vacuumed) either on a weekly or biweekly basis. The more people there are, the more dust accumulates. Therefore, if there is more traffic in the house compared to normal, you should plan to vacuum or wash the floors more than planned.

Bathrooms – Bathrooms are a great host to bacteria. It is best to clean down the bathrooms once a week when it comes to the toilet. The bathroom sink should be disinfected daily (or once a week at least). The bathtub should be cleaned on a weekly basis as well.

Although it may seem like a lot of work, keep in mind that these are the recommended time frame to disinfect the house. It is okay if you miss a week or two! Don’t let this information daunt you.

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