1. Dehydration and Back Pain

    How Dehydration Affects the Body Healthy nutrition includes drinking at least 4 to 8 glasses of water every day. Admittedly, this is a wide range, but 4 8-ounce glasses of water represents the minimum intake for adult men and women. A useful frame of reference is the presence or absence of thirst.…Read More

  2. What is Flexion-Distraction Therapy?

    Could Flexion-Distraction Therapy Help My Pain? Most of us experience pain in our muscles and joints occasionally. If we're lucky, the uncomfortable symptoms subside after just a few days. For some people, pain becomes a chronic condition that lasts months or years. Although pain medication can be h…Read More

  3. Chiropractic and Headaches

    Chiropractic Care May Help Your Headache Pain Headaches are often dismissed as minor ailments that can be easily cured simply by popping a few over-the-counter pain relievers. Although pain medication may be helpful for occasional headaches, it's not always effective for chronic headache pain. Pain …Read More

  4. How to Make Sure Your Chiropractic Adjustment Lasts

    How to Extend the Effects of Your Chiropractic Adjustment Depending on the things you do after your visit to the chiropractor, the effects of your treatment can last days or just a few hours. Fortunately, you can extend the positive effects of your adjustments by following a few simple guidelines. P…Read More

  5. Chiropractic and Vertigo

    Chiropractic Treatment May Relieve Your Vertigo It's hard to focus on anything when the room feels as if it's constantly spinning due to vertigo. The condition affects nearly 40 percent of us at some point in our lives, according to University of California San Francisco Health. If vertigo has disru…Read More

  6. The 3 Most Common Chiropractic Questions Answered

    The 3 Most Frequently Asked Chiropractic Care Questions and The Answers to Them Most people have a few questions when considering chiropractic care to naturally treat pain and injuries. If you've been wondering if chiropractic is a good option for you, you'll want to take a look at these commonly as…Read More

  7. How to Help Improve Your Children’s Quality of Sleep

    How Nightly Routines and Relaxation Techniques Can Improve the Quality of Your Child's Sleep Unlike adults, children don't always appreciate the benefits of a good night's sleep. While parents look forward to slipping under the covers at the end of a long day, kids find plenty of creative excuses to…Read More

  8. Chiropractic Treatment for Spondylosis

    Chiropractic Treatment Can Help Ease the Pain of Spondylosis Aches and pains in your back or neck could be caused by spondylosis, a condition that occurs after years of wear and tear on your spine. Although popping a few pain relievers can decrease your symptoms, the relief is only temporary and can…Read More

  9. Can Meditation Improve Your Health?

    How Meditation Contributes to Overall Health Meditation offers many benefits for your mental and emotional health. Regular meditation reduces stress and anxiety, improves your mood and decreases symptoms of depression. Adding meditation to your daily schedule may also help you lower your risk of som…Read More