Although the pandemic may seem to be coming to an end, the amount of stress people has encountered the past few years have increased tremendously whether it’s from job loss or loneliness. Learning to cope with stress can improve our livelihood and help us live a happier life. Here are eight ways that you can unwind from stress:

  1. Take breaks from watching / reading / listening to the news whether it’s from the television or social media. Although it is great to be kept up to date with what is going on around us, knowing too much about the traumatic events happening can increase our stress. Limiting ourselves from the news can help decrease some of the stress we experience.
  2. Taking care of ourselves! Trying out new foods, taking a walk, remembering to drink water are all ways to reduce stress even if we don’t feel the stress disappearing right then and there. Other ways to take care of ourselves can be to try and get more sleep, stretching, and exercising regularly.
  3. Talk to those around us. Although sometimes we may feel alone, we really aren’t! Reaching out and talking to the people around us can help us realize we aren’t alone and reduce stress.
  4. Avoid drugs and alcohol. Despite people turning to drugs and alcohol to get away from stress, drugs and alcohol create more problems for us down the line and add on to the stress rather than take away from it.

Finding healthy ways to deal with our stress can make us happier and live a longer, healthier life!

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