When we hear laser therapy in a chiropractor’s office, it’s hard to imagine what exactly it is. Is it the lasers we’ve seen countless of times in sci fi movies?

Not quite. The lasers used in laser therapy uses light that resembles closely to infrared light. The light is absorbed by the cells wherever the treatment is. This helps the cells by giving the cells more energy. With more energy, the chances of inflammation or an inflammation that is already there will decrease, damaged cells are cleared out of the way more quickly, circulation increases, and the body part in general will heal a lot quicker.

The treatment is a painless (or should not increase an already existing pain) process. If pain starts to form or if already existing pain is increasing, let your doctor know right away. In general, receiving laser therapy is like feeling a warm light move across your body with slight pressure for a set period of time.

For those who have tattoos, it needs to be brought to attention that the ink in the body can increase in heat from the lasers and lead to a burn. Besides that, the light from lasers is not healthy for the eyes. When receiving laser treatment, please wear the goggles or special glasses the doctor provides for you so that you can protect them.

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