Muscular endurance refers to the ability of a muscle to exert force for a consistent and repeatedly for over a period of time.

When most people think of muscular endurance, they think of it as stamina.

The muscles have to have an advanced level of endurance to avoid injury or extreme fatigue.

By doing muscular endurance training, you can increase your energy levels, help to sleep better, and improve your overall health.

Try these five easy exercises at home.

1) Plank: Perform five reps of your longest hold possible (30 to 45 seconds).

2) Body Weight Squats: Make sure to maintain good form by keeping your chest out and shoulder back.

3) Walking Lunges: In order to resist the urge to drop your torso, make sure to keep your abdomen upright.

4) Pushups: Perform five sets of 15 repetitions, make sure to adjust as needed.

5) Sit-ups: Make sure to clench your stomach muscles when you are bringing your torso up to be flush with your thighs.