There are many ways a person can achieve the emotional healing the soul deserves. One of the methods is Holotropic breathwork (HBW). HBW is a therapeutic breathing technique intended to help with personal awareness and emotional healing. This is achieved by breathing at a fast rate for several minutes to up to three hours at a time.

By actually practicing holotropic breathing (HB), the chemical balance of oxygen and carbon dioxide in the body is altered causing an alerted state of consciousness (ASC).

Often, a ‘breather’ is guided through meditation by a ‘sitter.’ This breathing practice has been suggested to provide benefits in cases of depression, self-awareness, self-esteem, anxiety, avoidance, chronic pain, fatigue, addiction, and more.

But proceed with caution as it is an experimental method of complementary and alternative medicine (CAM) that combines deep relaxation, expansive breathing, art, music, and focused energy work.

Before trying this, please research more about the topic and consult with experts who have had experience in this area.