Winter is here, meaning those in California will be seeing several rainy days as we count down until the new year. However, did you know that there’s a 34% higher chance that you can get into a fatal car accident during rainy or snowy weather? The reason why driving in the rain is significantly more dangerous than driving under the sun is because rain brings all the motor oils, dirt, and grime to the surface of the road. This decreases the tire traction and increases slipperiness. Furthermore, rain can create blind spots on the road for us by camouflaging a pothole we would have seen if it wasn’t filled with water. Sometimes during extreme rain, we can even be blinded from seeing the car right in front of us.

There are ways to make sure we take these conditions into consideration and make sure we get home safe and sound on a rainy day.

First and foremost, slow down! Make sure to put more distance between you and the car in front of you than you would on a regular day. This gives you extra space incase you need to brake or if the car in front of you suddenly breaks. Driving slow can also give you more control of the road and the car.

Secondly, turn on your headlights! Although you might still not be able to see in front of you if it’s raining too hard, turning on your headlights means your taillights are on as well. This will better help those behind you to see that you’re in front of them and avoid accidents.

Lastly, check the water levels on the road before driving. As little as 3 inches of water is all it takes to stall your engine or have a bigger car in front of you push that water underneath your car as all of you are driving. Postpone appointments to a better day and move hangouts. It is better to be safe than sorry.

There are many other ways to stay safe in the rain, but these are the top three must-dos!

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