In this new age of technology, a new set of health problems have emerged such as “text neck”.

This pain is usually experienced when a lot of pressure is placed on the neck and spine due to poor posture when using devices such as a cell phone, tablet, laptop, etc.

When the neck is constantly bent over, it can cause stiffness, discomfort, soreness, and even long-term spine damage.

The reason why bending your neck can cause such serious health threats is because the human head weighs between 10 to 12 pounds, creating a strenuous pressure on your neck and spine.

There many ways you can reduce the strain you are creating for your neck and spine.

You can try to take frequent breaks and walk around while focusing on not looking down. Another way is to raise the device so that they would be closer to eye level.

Other than those self-help methods, patients can visit Yoon Family Chiropractic to aid in treating painful conditions affecting the neck, spine, back, etc.

This can be done through spinal manipulations where the chiropractor is able to properly align the spine for a healthy and pain free lifestyle.

Most patients will get chiropractic care on a regular basis in order to keep the spine aligned and eliminate pain on a consistent schedule.