The nervous system is important because it allows the brain to communicate with the rest of the body.

When the spine is restricted in range of motion or not moving properly, it can interfere with this nervous system function.

Getting one’s spine checked by a chiropractor and adjusted has to do with the proper health and movement of the spine, not the age of the human or the symptoms they may (or may not) be experiencing.

Especially in adolescent and teen years, the kiddos grow at rapid rates and often engage in far more activities.

Sports, while extremely healthy for kids, also takes a toll on the body.

Falls, hits, long practices, and new training routines push the child’s abilities and body’s limits.

It is important to get the child’s spine regularly checked by a chiropractor to assure optimal motion in the spine and optimal nervous system function so that they have their best chance at optimal performance.

The healthier the spine in the newborn through adult years, the better the chance for an optimally healthy body.

Bring your kids to the chiropractor with you on your next visit and get everyone checked!